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 Traditional Korean Archery, Koong Sul, is an art we've grown to appreciate  and now we cannot want to share what we know. Koreans have long practiced archery, and there's no denying some of the best archers in the world come from Korea. Archery is a practice, and learning that practice helps to develop skills in all aspects of life.

Archery Benefits:

  • Improved focus and mindfulness

  • Hand eye coordination

Archery is amazing for hand-eye coordination, and because of the breath control that's needed for this skill, you're really going to notice it's stress relieving qualities. It helps with focus, patience and, as you excel, your self confidence. Alongside, it's also going to build muscle and, much like martial arts and yoga, it will be a full body workout. 

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Our archery classes cover basic archery skills, simple breathing exercises, and target shooting.  We offer family classes and shoots. With multiple packages available we have made our program affordable and easy for all ages enjoy. If you are ready to challenge yourself in new ways and learn a new skill, sign up for a beginner event or book yourself a private lesson. 

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