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Han Mu Do?

Han Mu Do translates to, "The Art of Korean Martial Arts." It is a balanced martial arts system developed after 40 years of accumulated knowledge, experience and training by, "Dojanim" and founder,

Dr. He-Young Kimm. It is a collection of traditional Korean Arts that includes striking and kicking techniques, throws and takedowns, joint locks and pressure points for self defense situations, as well as traditional weapon forms and techniques, such as sword, staff, short stick and knife skills. 

It provides more than just a self defense focus. The Student Creed includes three tenets: optimism, balance and harmony. These will be taught and emphasized as students develop and grow, in and out of classes. Han Mu Do helps students to develop all aspects of their life and create balance. By using martial arts techniques and forms, meditation, and traditional Korean philosophy and values Han Mu Do students challenge themselves everyday to be the best that they can be. 









Han Mu Do is a balanced system.

  • The balance between non-weapon and weapon techniques.

  • The balance between external physical techniques and internal Ki techniques.

  • The balance between physical training, philosophical/mental, and spiritual training.

  • The balance between left side and right side techniques.

  • The balance between tradition and having an open mind. 


It takes 3-4 years for students to progress to black belt. During this time students will be learning the practical self-defense techniques and forms, training with their classmates, and learning about the sword and staff. Students have the opportunity to attend seminars and learn from Grand Masters, compete in tournaments, and develop lasting friendships that encourage the lifelong journey.


The physical aspect of classes is important in developing that balance, but the lessons learned from Korean traditional values and philosophies helps to provide a lifestyle change of learning and growth. 

There are four meanings of the word, "HAN," to the Korean people. 

  • Head or high position. The Korean people look for leadership and guidance from the holders of the high position. They are the head of state, head of the family, and teachers. They are regarded as the most important people in the nation. 

  • Big or whole. Each person is considered to be a vital member of the community as a whole. Harmony within the community is very important in the pursuit of happiness for the individual and the country. 

  • Brightness or optimism. To the Koreans this implies peace, cleanliness, and honesty in life. Korean's see the future as optimistic, regardless of the hardships they have faced in their past. 

  • Higher learning.  Great value is placed on education and culture. Korean's strive for excellence in learning, whether it is school work, continued education, or martial arts. 

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