Growth Happens Here!

Summer Camps at The Harvest Concept are for ages 3 and up and all skill levels! Kids have a blast developing new life skills, learning martial arts skills and hanging with friends in a comfortable and supportive environment. Weather permitting, we’ll be indoors and outside as we switch between exciting activities through the day. 


All Harvest Camps will include a FREE camp shirt! 

(Which the students will be able to Tie Dye during camp week!)



Ages 3-6

June 7th – 10th

July 25th – 29th

9am – 11am


The Mighty Sprouts Program is a great way to get preschoolers introduced to the camp experience and out of the house for a couple hours a day. Campers will be introduced to a variety of group activities including martial arts, archery, and lots of games! We are focusing on campers having a positive experience and guiding them through group classes and activities. Students will gain confidence and learn to socialize, and learning to work and play together with the other campers as a group. 


Mighty sprouts camps help develop key life skills:

  • Meeting new friends!

  • Playing together and learning to work with others.

  • Learning self-control!

  • Practicing patience and talking turns.

  • Following instruction.

  • Developing agility and strength.


Ages 5 -13

June 7th – 10th 

July 25th – 29th  

9am – 12pm (Aftercare available till 3pm)


Our Jr Han Mu do program is a great way for students to learn about our martial arts and self-defense programs! We'll be playing games, learning about self-defense and practicing advanced techniques, practicing with weapons like sword, bow staff, bows and arrows!


Campers days will be filled with lots of activities:

  • Martial Arts (Han Mu Do)

  • Archery

  • Sword and Bow Staff

  • Live action Games like Among Us, Battle Royal, and Fruit Ninja

  • Arts and Crafts

  • hang time with their friends new and old 

Han Mu Do Sword Kids


Ages 5 – 13

June 28th – July 1st

9am – 12pm

The practice of using the Korean Sword is beautiful. It takes focus, strength, and agility to be able to control the sword and make it an extension of the body.  In this camp we will be diving deep into sword history, sword techniques, and sword forms. 


Level 1 

  • All students are welcome. We will be focusing on using the Wooden Training Sword. Students will be learning the basic etiquette of the sword, the 1st sword form, and beginner level sparring techniques. We will introduce the practice of cutting with the sword. (It is recommended that campers have their own wooden sword. Click here for 20% off)

Level 2 

  • Students will be able to explore and further their skills as we level up their use of the sword. This camp is available to Red belts and up. Students will learn to use a training metal sword, not sharp, for forms and cutting practice. We will practice intermediate sparring drills and work on higher level combinations and counter striking. (It is recommended that campers have their own wooden and aluminum sword. Click here for 20% off)

Level 3 

  • This camp is for Black Belts. Students should already have practice with a metal training sword. This advanced camp is going to be a lot of fun with an element of danger. Students will be introduced to the use of a real sword. This level of training requires the intense concentration and focus that only years of practice can give you. Campers will get private time with Master Instructor Justin Martin and will practice forms and cutting techniques with a real sword.  (It is recommended that campers have their own wooden and aluminum sword. Click here for 20% off)


Ages 8 – 16 

July 25th – 29th

9am – 1pm

Our JR leadership camp has become a staple of the Harvest Summer program. This camp is available to green belts and up, with approval. that are ready to push themselves to the next level in classes at Harvest and in their daily lives. This is a direct training under Master Instructor Justin Martin. Students will have one on one and group discussions about leadership philosophy and execution with Mr. Martin. 


Not just for students that want to be assistant instructors, this camp will help unlock inner potential and empower them to better themselves and the world around them. We will talk about Han Mu Do History and Philosophy, teaching methods, and the importance of being a leader in our community. Student will stay an extra hour every day and need to bring a lunch. They will also be able to test for their assistant instructor status.  


Our summer camps are a supreme introduction to our martial arts program, Han Mu Do, at The Harvest Concept. Martial arts is a great gateway for smaller children to begin feeling more comfortable joining social groups and team activities, as well as gaining confidence within themselves. This program may be for your child if you think they are interested at all in martial arts, may need more routine, attention, challenges, movement, discipline, social interaction, positive authority, friends or the need to just get out of the house.