Peace, Love & Amazon

Hey ya'll! Since today and Wednesday are Amazon Prime days, we thought we'd share last minute a couple of our favorite tools WE LOVE you can order directly from Amazon. These are tools we're using EVERY SINGLE DAY when we teach and practice with you guys.

WIDE ANGLE LENS: This lens clips right on any tablet or maybe even ANY smartphone. It comes with a lens cover, padded case and clip. This lens is to widen your space. If you don't have a ton of room to move around for the class AND stay on screen for your instructor to see you, YOU NEED THIS. It's a game changer.

AIRPODS: In my home practices and online classes I feel way more involved with them on. I can hear my students, practice with music and or tune out whatever's around me. They truly help block out excess noise and the mic is quality for a zoom class or call. I love and use mine so much I don't really remember what I did without them! The rechargeable case is worth the extra buck, bc if you're like me you'll never remember to plug it in. These charge themselves back up several times before having to completely recharge.